Small Metal Parts

G.M.P. srl manufactures small precision metal parts according to a drawing or request from the customer ranging from small up to large production lots for the following fields: electronic, electromechanical, lighting, gas, household appliance, medical sector, panels photovoltaic.

Our blanking department includes quick operating presses used for large production lots, presses with link-draw for quality drawing and forming and punching/forming machines Bihler Given its favourable geographic position, the network connection with the other companies in the area and the original method adopted in evaluating suppliers, G.M.P. srl is able to offer its customers a vast range of services such as: heat treatments, electrogalvanising, coating and assembly, all of which are indispensable for a complete supply.

Automotive Industry

GMP Srl manufactures components for high-tech automotive applications using modular progressive dies.

Rigorous design methods, the use of building materials produced by powder metallurgy or carbide materials, and the use of effective tools to control the production process such as PPAP and SPC, allow the achievement of high quality targets.

products for the automotive industry are used, for example, in lead frames for brushless motors, components for anti-interference filters, DC or AC motor controllers, solenoid valves, springs and connectors.

automotive industry

Household Appliances

Modular progressive dies, including multi-cavity dies, are manufactured by GMP Srl to meet the most stringent demands for precision and accuracy in the production of parts that are used in most household appliances. Brass, bronze and stainless steel contacts, springs and fasteners, solenoid valves, parts for micro switches or fans are manufactured using progressive dies with carbide or high-performance steel punches and bottom dies made by powder technology and PVD coating. The automatic threading and assembly of components on blanks and folded pieces allow to manufacture high quality items at a competitive cost.

Gas Air Conditioning

GMP Srl expresses through the construction of modular progressive dies the ability to make precision metal parts ensuring great repeatability of the features required. Due to the high quality of drawing, stamping, blanking and automatic threading operations, GMP Srl has been a partner of leading brands in the construction of solenoid valves, sensors, controls, pressure regulators, gas meters and gas burners for several years.

High precision cold forming of sheet stainless steel, brass, aluminium, bronze and low carbon steel, allow bringing sophisticated equipment to the market. Innovative solutions have led to significant cost savings through the replacement of turned parts with precision metal parts obtained by sheet metal die-forming and drawing.


With the experience gained over the years, GMP Srl is now able to offer innovative solutions through the creation of progressive dies, block dies and multi-cavity dies for the blanking, drawing and stamping of precision metal parts.

Compliance with low tolerances, carbide dies and PVD coatings make it possible to obtain high performance equipment for mass production.

Connectors, springs, screens for electronic circuits, fasteners, drawn pieces, fans, bearing supports, bushings, magnetic circuits for solenoid valves, bimetal thermal switches are just some of the components found in many everyday devices.

Concentrating Photovoltaics

GMP manufactured dies and equipment for the production of parabolic mirrors used in state-of-the-heart "concentrating" solar panels. Thanks to its specific expertise, GMP can provide support in choosing the most suitable raw materials by offering materials that can be processed using drawing and blanking technologies without reducing their level of reflection and UV resistance over time.

Medical Equipment

GMP Srl meets with more and more important success by working high-performance materials using carbideprogressive dies for the blanking, bending and deep drawing of titanium. Attention to market demands and the liaison with research and development centres have allowed the creation of pieces that combine functionality and design


The high quality obtained by GMP Srl using multi-cavity progressive dies allows the production of high tensile strength stainless steel pliers for the creation of quick-connect systems. The low tolerances and the repeatability of processes enable the serial production of parts that are then assembled using high speed automatic assembly lines.


GMP Srl designs and manufactures modular progressive dies for the production of components for the field of fluid mechanics. Deep-drawn bushes, stainless steel rings, fasteners, connectors, and bearing supports are some of the pieces produced with special drawing dies with punches and bottom dies and wear-resistant PVD treatment, automatic threading in the die and carbide blanking punches.

Paper Technology

GMP Ltd designs and manufactures modular multi-cavity dies for the production of tin or aluminium eyelets for outputs greater than 1200 pieces/min ensuring high repeatability and product quality. The transfer dies managed by PLC allow the production of larger items at competitive prices.

Deep Drawing

Deep drawing is one of the most crucial and widely used practices of metal forming. It is a metal manufacturing method of forming sheet metal called blanks into geometrical shapes. Standard shapes from deep drawn products include baking pan cups and aluminum cans. Asymmetrical items such as fire extinguishers and enclosure covers for truck oil fitters are manufactured using this process.

Advantages of Deep Drawing Technology

The processes, materials, and equipment that are used in deep drawing are cost effective compared with the old methods of forming metals and alloys into definite shapes. Also, deep drawing manufactures the best metal products i.e. automotive muffler parts, fine components of large machinery and smaller components of metal structures.

Deep Draw aluminum components and parts are Our Products

At GMP, we are the best in the deep drawing and metal stamping industry, we can manufacture deep draw aluminium components and parts. We aim to continue providing quality services to many sectors. We are an ISO certified company because we ensure compliance with our customers’ needs.

Progressive Dies

G.M.P. srl is a technologically-advanced company that operates in the die manufacturing field which, throughout the years, has constantly been able to introduce the latest production technologies as well as take into consideration the innovative ideas of its personnel.

Starting directly from the drawing of the part or from the sample supplied by the customer, we perform the design and the manufacture of the die. Our experience and know-how is specific to the manufacture of small-and medium-sized dies for the cold blanking of sheet metal and for small drawing operations.

The product range includes progressive dies for blanking/drawing, with built-in tapping, with hard metal inserts and block dies. G.M.P. srl benefits in the design of dies from the experience matured from its own press department where the dies are tested and the medium/small metal parts are produced.

Our reliability, precision, punctuality, seriousness and availability are the guarantees that we are able to offer our clientele and that allow us to face even the most demanding job orders with tranquillity.

Stamped Parts

GMP is an industry leader in manufacturing stamped metal parts. Our process of stamping metal involves the combination of machines that produce stampings that meet stringent requirements. We have worked closely with different clients to develop custom stamped parts for the following fields: medical, automotive, electronics and telecom industries.

We are a focused producer of stamped parts rather than a general job shop. We do not deliver substandard products, and we have the capacity to meet large orders. We have highly experienced personnel who assist our clients in the initial design concept for the stamped parts: this includes the choice of the raw material.

We work with different types of metal to deliver the best-stamped parts in the industry, this includes, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, galvanised steel, copper and many more. At GMP, we can create parts in varying shapes and sizes according to your design.

Punched Parts

GMP srl is a market leader in the manufacture and distribution of the best punched parts in the market. This is facilitated by our state of the art punching facility that produces spacers, punched and die cut washers; we even manufacture custom shapes.

Our punched parts are used in the following markets; medical, electrical, electronics, automotive, appliance, hand tool manufacturers, furniture and many more applications. Our wide range of products includes discs, bushings, diaphragms, rings, fasteners, gaskets, seals, stampings and fittings. We also deal with various plastic materials that include vulcanized fiber, high impact polystyrene, nylon polyethylene plus more.

We are an ISO certified company and we are trusted by major products for the production of genuine, long-lasting and quality products. We develop industry-leading punched parts that perform at the desired level. We also develop custom products upon request. We have qualified personnel who work hard to meet all your needs.

Punching Metal

The process of punching metal involves the removal of a scrap from the metal being worked on every time the punch goes through the punching die.

This process creates a hole in the metal workpiece. The essential features of the process of punching metal include the ability to create holes of different shapes in a quick manner. Also, the capacity to produce holes in both sheet and strip during high and medium production processes.

The process of punching metal forces a hardened steel punch into and through a workpiece. The size of the hole is determined by the diameter of the steel punch.
At GMP, we are highly experienced to work with different kinds of raw material including sheets and rolls and we work with various materials including stainless steel, aluminium, among many others. We can also use multiple punching to produce a complete part with just a single press.

Precision Metal Products

We pride ourselves in offering quality precision metal products of the highest industry standards. We take great pride in our reputation and high-quality work that we have built and developed over the years.

We produce precision metal products from a variety of metals including stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, nickel-based alloys, and cobalt-chrome among many others. We have an extensive in-house processing and manufacturing services to offer the following services MIG welding, CNC forming and punching, close tolerance metal work and general metal work among many others. Whatever you desire, we will help you achieve your goals.


The precision metal stamping is a process in which the "sheet" of metal are used to provide a final product with precision metal parts. When a metal sheet is inserted into the press, this is modeled with precision metal parts in the form and in the desired size. Only the metal sheets with a certain thickness can be inserted in the precision metal stamping machines and the maximum limit for most of the equipment used for this purpose is of ¼ inch. However, the machines can be designed for sheets with a greater thickness. Furthermore, only certain metals or special alloys can be used in this process: among these aluminum, brass, steel (hot or cold rolled), galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, zinc and titanium. Before the sheet is inserted into the machine, the customer provides the prototype of the final product.

The precision metal stamping is an ancient technique. The Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans, they had all discovered new methods for creating tools and metal weapons, exerting a force on a hot or cold metal plate. The technology has definitely evolved and now precision metal stamping process can truly be considered an art. The vast majority of metal tools and objects that each uses in their daily lives, such as forks or knives, computer parts and appliances, is the result of a sophisticated precision metal stamping. GMP’s precision metal products are high quality, reliable and competitive throughout the entire fabrication and sheet metal engineering industry. Nowadays, technology plays a big role in the metal engineering and fabrication industry; we have embraced the latest machinery and technology so as to offer competitive prices and speedy turnarounds for our clients.

Metal Punching Process

Punching Process with steel punch
The punching is the process of giving a sign, or a form, on a surface by pressure or percussion with a tool with steel punch (from the Latin "punctio", prick).

For the punching process is used an automatic machines (punch press) to cut and pierce the sheet metal (aluminum or steel) of up to 25-30mm thick to create precision metal parts. With numerical control (CNC) punch presses can be made cutting and shaping metal parts very complex, quickly and safely. Until publication of oxyfuel systems, in the early eighties, punch presses were the only practical way to cut and process sheets with thicker more than 2.3 mm.

The metal punching process conducted at GMP involves a stamping die; this is a precision tool that cuts sheet metal and forms desired shapes and profiles. Our die forming and cutting selection is made of tool steel, this is special hardened steel. We also possess dies that contain forming and cutting sections made from other hard and wear resistant materials.

Since stamping is a cold-forming process, we do not use heat in our metal punching process. We have a variety of metal punching units and this enables us to manufacture small and large materials. We develop large materials, for example; automobile parts.

Through our metal punching process, we can produce holes of different shapes and sizes. This enables us to produce different parts for various applications and to meet the unique needs of our clients. We only hire the most experienced metal punching process personnel to maintain our high-quality standards.

Stamping Metal Parts

At GMP, we provide high-quality stamping metal parts and components for many industries. We employ high levels of engineering in stamping metal parts for the manufacture of products that meet the highest industry standards.

We embrace technology and we apply it uniquely in stamping metal parts, this is essential because it helps us to get the job done in the right way. We select the best materials for stamping metal parts to develop high quality metal products.

Listening to the client is an important part in our process of stamping metal parts so as to meet our clients’ needs. We make our customers feel loved by providing high levels of satisfaction that breeds value, dependability and confidence.

We are knowledgeable and we have the expertise to ensure that your ordered parts are manufactured as per your unique and exact specifications and to the best quality industry standards.