G.M.P. Minuterie Metalliche srl was founded in 1974. Since then, its production activity has continued to grow and has specialised in the manufacture of small metal parts as well as the manufacture of dies for sheet metal cold forming. Today, G.M.P. srl is a structured and organised reality that has not lost the positive characteristics of small size business concern: flexibility and rapid response to customer request. Since the very start, production has been oriented towards demanding products and precision parts and it is for this reason that the company had no difficulty at all in conforming to the requirements of the various quality standards. Apart from the traditional strong points such as precision, accuracy, respecting of delivery times, pricing and technological expertise, G.M.P. srl can also offer a quality standard with ISO 9001:2008 certification, which able to meet the ever more demanding market requirements.


GMP has been established and has grown on the basis of a solid founding principle: to be a reference point for any requirement in the field of small metal parts and dies for sheet metal cold working. Knowing how to meet different needs in such a complex sector means focusing on the customer, developing a flexible, yet solid and structured service, keeping up with technological innovation and market changes, being able to ensure certified quality at a competitive price. Strengthened by these values, GMP has been able to add a distinctive and characteristic aspect: the ability to maintain, even following the rapid development that the company has seen over the years, direct, personal and very "human" customer relationships. This is what allows to respond to all requests quickly and carefully, and to offer a "tailored" service by listening to customers and understanding their real needs. GMP's mission: to be a reliable partner for each customer.


GMP: these three letters, which now account for a high standard of professionalism and reliability in the world of small metal parts and dies, are an acronym for Germano Magro Padova, the name of the founder who started the business in the 70ies as small sized company with a traditional approach. Therefore the GMP acronym is a guarantee of experience and expertise acquired over many years of business, and the ability to grow over time to become what the company is today: a structured and organised industrial enterprise, a landmark in the field. Even the brand’s colours underline GMP's identity. The red represents the passion and energy that GMP’s team puts daily into meeting customer needs and providing a high quality service.The black embodies the elegance of the technical solutions proposed by GMP each time, thanks to its natural bent for innovation and research. Thanks to all this, GMP is now much more than just a trademark, it is a guarantee of professionalism, experience and certified quality in the field of small metal parts.


Gmp Minuterie Metalliche srl has been active in the field of metalworking for more than 30 years. The company specialises in the manufacture of precision metal parts and the construction of dies for cold forming of sheet metal.

GMP has a production unit in a branch office located in the industrial area of Rubano Padova, where blank assembly operations are carried out at the request of customers. Therefore we can provide a complete service that goes from the blanking of parts to their assembly and subsequent packaging in boxes ready for sale.